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By RED BEAR March 23, 2023 | 7 min read

Negotiations are an everyday reality in almost every industry. Whether it's procurement for a Fortune 500 company or sales at a high-growth startup, effective skills start with the proper negotiation guidelines and principles.

RED BEAR transforms individuals, teams, and organizations into skilled negotiators using a proven framework that leverages the right tools and strategic processes.

With forward-thinking and innovative methods, RED BEAR Negotiation Training can help your business accelerate revenue, reduce costs, build lasting relationships, and much more.

Are you looking for more information about RED BEAR? Discover why 45% of the Fortune 500 utilize our proprietary negotiation methodology.


What You Get with RED BEAR Negotiation Training

Negotiations are more than just getting the best price.

We provide several different training types to meet the demands of growing businesses across the globe:

RED BEAR leverages a 4-Step Engagement Process to create unforgettable, tailored experiences for every team. Our instructors come ready with years of experience, training, and education to drive a negotiation philosophy that gets results and delivers value.


Sales Negotiation Training

Sales deliver profits. Even so, sellers always seem to make the same sales negotiation mistakes.
Our Sales Negotiation Program helps sales professionals avoid mistakes by teaching them streamlined methods that leverage strategic skills, the right tools, and negotiation behaviors.

With RED BEAR’s Situational Negotiation Skills™ program, sales teams discover several powerful concepts that not only help close the sale but also build lasting and profitable client relationships.

We help teams understand that tension is key to a successful negotiation and gives them the confidence to empower, transform, and grow.

Get Access to the Selling Value, Not Price White Paper

Procurement Negotiation Training

With procurement trends changing from year to year, it’s imperative for teams to leverage the right information to stay current in a shifting negotiation environment.

Purchasing requirements can be as diverse as each business's individual needs. That’s why our Negotiating With Suppliers™ program teaches the flexible strategies needed to craft profitable and value-based agreements with suppliers.

Costly procurement negotiation mistakes can lead to fruitless deals.

The right strategies can have a huge positive impact on profits. Even a 1% reduction in supplier costs can lead to an increase in profits by more than 4%. 


Evolving Negotiation Training to Meet Modern Demands

Negotiation training is never static.

To keep up with changing , RED BEAR values innovation and principles over cut-and-paste negotiation tactics.

“RED BEAR values innovation and principles over cut-and-paste negotiation tactics.”

We are constantly revising our coursework to ensure clients have everything they need to master their next negotiation session. That means introducing new programs and hiring the best industry professionals to lead our team.

Recently, we introduced Virtual Instructor-Led Training courses to help remote and distributed teams address the obstacles today’s modern businesses face.

RED BEAR constantly meets the demands of an evolving business landscape. From our innovative Cross-Cultural Negotiation™ course to battle-tested sales and procurement negotiation training, the goal is always to deliver an unforgettable experience for your team.

How We Do It

RED BEAR’s 4-Step Engagement Process is the key to teaching critical negotiation skills that stick. Here’s how we do it:

  • Strategic Alignment—RED BEAR leverages a suite of Strategic Alignment tools to cater training to specific client needs and meet unique industry challenges for both sales and procurement negotiations.
  • Experiential Learning—get lasting results with engaging and hands-on learning experiences your team won’t soon forget.
  • Coaching and Reinforcement—training doesn't stop once the program ends. Our Coaching and Reinforcement Workshop and 100 Minutes™ to Improved Results email program focuses on reinforcing skills and training for long-term success.
  • Measurement—get real ROI results backed by third-party data. RED BEAR leverages both post-workshop surveys and reports from an independent measurement firm to gauge success and bring in additional insights and strategies.


Your Organization’s Force Multiplier

Choosing the right negotiation program can be its own challenge. Instead of canned tactics, RED BEAR gives your team the tools they need to succeed in tense negotiation environments.

You’ll find that there’s no silver bullet for mastering negotiations.

It takes a diverse set of skills and an understanding of basic foundational principles and behaviors.

Consider the process of making concessions. For the novice negotiator, it’s easy to ask for too much or too little. Learning the value of making concessions can help your team concede according to plan and reach the best outcome for both parties.

Whether it’s cross-cultural negotiations or tense B2B sales, RED BEAR provides measurable results with battle-tested methods. In short, we guarantee success.

At the end of each session, if any individual doubts our results will drive a 10x increase in ROI, they don’t get an invoice.

Our goal is to leave your team with the confidence and competence they need to navigate any negotiation session with ease.

How Prepared Is Your Negotiations Team?

Negotiations are an everyday reality for almost every business.

It’s easy to focus solely on price. This is a common mistake.

With RED BEAR, we teach the skills and knowledge required to provide results. Results that often come in many different forms outside of price.

Better relationships, more equitable deals, win-win scenarios — it all starts with the right tools.

Perception is a powerful concept in negotiation psychology. RED BEAR can help your team understand the full range and strength of their power to start negotiations with confidence.

Our proven methods establish standard negotiation processes and terminologies that grow with your business. We can teach your team essential lessons to help position your case advantageously, manage information skillfully, and much more.


Don’t wait to get the training your team needs to succeed.


Get Results with RED BEAR Negotiation

RED BEAR Negotiation Training helps organizations build long-lasting success. It’s more than just getting the best price; it’s about building value.

Value for your team and value for your customers, suppliers, and partners.

We transform individuals into world-class negotiations with tested methods that provide real-world results. Whether your goals are to drive revenue, decrease costs, build greater internal alignment, or develop lucrative business relationships, our negotiation training programs and workshops deliver.

If you’re looking to get the negotiation skills you need to succeed, let’s talk.

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