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RED BEAR creates and delivers impactful customized negotiation training experiences (supported by our reinforcement platform) that produce measurable behavior change with unheard of results—and we aren’t just saying that. Our customers typically realize an average return of $54 for every dollar invested in RED BEAR's negotiation training and continue to see an impact long after training is over.



Learn the Situational Negotiation Skills™️ needed to close more profitable sales. RED BEAR’s negotiation training will help your organization manage tension to find creative solutions to break deadlocks and build strong long-term customer relationships.

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Negotiating With Suppliers™️ helps procurement professionals negotiate more profitable supplier agreements while cultivating stronger relationships with suppliers. Learn what it takes to get the edge needed to ensure the continuity of supply, control costs, mitigate risks, and build long-term strategic partnerships.

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Ready to take your negotiation skills to the next level? Discover how RED BEAR’s battle-tested negotiation methodology can transform your team into world-class negotiators. Watch this video to learn how our proprietary training programs deliver a 10X ROI, accelerate growth, reduce costs, and drive internal alignment. Find out why leading global enterprises and high-growth startups alike trust RED BEAR to unlock their full negotiation potential.

Discover where your organization stands in the art of negotiation with our insightful Organizational Negotiation Assessment. This carefully crafted, 20-question evaluation is designed to help you measure your team's negotiation strategies against industry standards. 


Use this tool to gain a deeper understanding of your negotiation capabilities and how they compare with others in your field.

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Top Supply Chain Project 2024

RED BEAR Negotiation has been honored with the 2024 Top Supply Chain Projects award by Supply & Demand Chain Executive for the second consecutive year. This prestigious recognition highlights the transformative impact of our proprietary negotiation training on increasing profitability and combating rising supplier costs. Learn more about how our innovative approach is helping companies achieve greater efficiency and success in the supply chain industry.

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Top Sales Training 2024 RED BEAR Negotiation-new

RED BEAR Negotiation has again been named to Selling Power's Top Sales Training Companies. This honor underscores RED BEAR's commitment to excellence and innovation in sales training and negotiation, illustrating significant benefits for sales organizations of all sizes. It also emphasizes the effectiveness, creativity, and wide-reaching impact of RED BEAR's world-class sales training, crucial for enhancing sales performance and negotiation outcomes across industries.

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RED BEAR 2023 logo Top Virtual Sales Training-new

RED BEAR Negotiation has been named a 2023 Top Virtual Sales Training Company by Selling Power, the leading digital magazine for sales managers and sales VPs. The honor recognizes RED BEAR's robust content and innovative delivery of proven sales training and negotiation methodology via online workshops.

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Trusted, forward-thinking companies around the world, across every industry, from the Fortune 500 to high growth start-ups rely on RED BEAR to transform their people into world-class negotiators.




RED BEAR custom-tailors every workshop experience with a mixture of situational negotiation simulations and company-specific negotiation exercises. No matter the unique challenges facing your team, RED BEAR delivers transformational experiences. Whether in-person or via our Virtual Instructor-Led Training delivery, our discovery-based approach is the key to your negotiation skills improvement.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training


Transform your negotiation approach and empower your team with the RED BEAR Negotiation Model. In a world where every interaction counts, mastering the art of negotiation is not just an advantage — it's a necessity. RED BEAR's innovative model introduces a three-dimensional approach to negotiation, embracing tension as a powerful tool for achieving superior outcomes.


Whether you're dealing with customers, suppliers, partners, or key stakeholders, embracing the RED BEAR Negotiation Model will transform your team into world-class negotiators ready to face the challenges and opportunities of today's competitive environment.







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Your business loses money every day because of ineffective agreements with customers and suppliers. Why does this happen? The answer is surprisingly simple—your people fall into a number of what we like to call “Bear Traps” or “wrong turns” such as:

Avoiding tension

Not asking questions

Giving away power

Conceding too much too soon


RED BEAR is a global team of negotiation experts who understand the challenges your people face when building agreements to protect your company’s interests. We have developed the most innovative approaches and methods for negotiating and collaborating with customers, suppliers, and across the enterprise. RED BEAR is the new standard for how negotiations get done.

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11 July 2024

Successful negotiations are rarely the result of chance or innate talent. They are, more often than not, the product of meticulous preparation and strate.

2 July 2024

As the summer heats up, don’t let your sales and procurement negotiation training melt away. Now is the perfect time to sharpen your skills with some ins.

27 June 2024

Effective procurement negotiations are crucial for achieving cost savings and fostering strong supplier relationships. However, procurement professionals.