Transforming People, Teams, and Organizations into WORLD CLASS Negotiators


Today’s negotiation environment is increasingly complex and demanding which can lead to costly negotiation mistakes.

Poor concession strategy

Not uncovering other party's real needs

Focusing too much on price

Not planning a sound negotiation strategy

Not managing difficult expectations

Managing information poorly

Over-committing company resources

Failing to create and reinforce value

Getting emotional, taking it personally

Negotiating with the wrong people

Operating in silos

What are you doing to ensure your people make more right turns and fewer wrong turns in their negotiations?  Don’t let “good enough” be “good enough”.

RED BEAR is the world’s leading negotiation training and consulting firm.  Our track record of driving significant improvements in human performance and bottom-line business results for our clients is unparalleled.

How We Do It?


Design and delivery of highly interactive development programs that provide participants with the skills, tools, and behaviors needed to maximize the profitability of the agreements negotiated with customers, suppliers, partners, and colleagues

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Businessman pointing at contract while showing his partner where to sign it


Accelerate business results improvement by bringing in expert C-Level talent with a fresh perspective to assist our clients. This talent brings extensive knowledge of how to effectively apply and deploy the proven RED BEAR Negotiation process.

Who we work with

GREAT teams get GREAT results with RED BEAR


What Our Clients Are Saying

The most positive experience of my working life.

I loved this course. Instructor was phenomenal and engaging. I have taken other negotiating trainings before and this was 1 million times better.

Excellent course. Blew my expectations out of the water…and I've attended no less than 6 negotiation classes over the past 15 years.

I thought it was excellent. It was the single best corporate training program I've been a part of. The interaction, teaching style and benefits far exceeded my expectations.

Great content and instructor. The class has a great reputation and did not disappoint! Great job!


I have been in procurement for 22 years. I have attended many seminars and classes, and I can say with complete confidence that RED is the best I have attended!

Outstanding training! Interesting content masterfully delivered.

Excellent training - presentation materials were easy to follow. Examples/stories kept everyone's attention. Energy was contagious!

Good structure, clear purpose, very experienced trainer, new strategies and tips for me. Many good opportunities to practice, overall one of the best trainings I have attended.

I gained better experience in one role-playing session than I had in my previous 10 years as a purchaser.

A great course. I really enjoyed it. The most useful class/workshop I've ever been involved in.

Amazing content and presentation. Integration of examples and captivating style - all participants were engaged continually.

The best training session I've ever been a part of. Very interactive, engaging instructor, overall excellent!

Great content, excellent instructor - well versed on topic. Great training!

This is the best negotiation training I've ever participated in. The instructor is fully engaged throughout the course.

I believe this program is a 'must for procurement'. We should consider expanding it as much as possible.

This was one of the best classes I have attended! Instructor was excellent!

Overall was perfect! Hope to attend more courses after implementing the tools learned this week.

Great training with many take-aways for both business and personal applications. It cuts to the core of good negotiation tactics.

One of the best workshops I have ever attended!

Great tools - learning hands on is the best approach. I think this presents the best strategy instead of just tactics.

I was very impressed - feel educated and more confident in my abilities to negotiate. I definitely cannot wait to practice! The in class exercises were fun and helpful.