• Do your suppliers shoulder their fair share of risk?

  • Looking for a proven approach to lowering supplier costs and managing risk?

    Profitable Negotiation… It depends on YOUR NEGOTIATORS.

  • Are you feeling powerless in sole-sourced supplier relationships?

  • Do you find it difficult to hold suppliers accountable to agreements?

  • How are you driving advanced value beyond price?

  • Are some of your toughest negotiations with team members?

Is your team leaving money on the table in critical negotiations?

RED BEAR Negotiation Company is a global performance improvement firm dedicated to maximizing the profitability of the agreements negotiated with suppliers, customers, partners, and colleagues.

Profitable Negotiation

More than half of a typical company’s revenue goes back out the door to its suppliers. Every dollar in savings you negotiate adds a dollar to your bottom line. RED BEAR’s powerful approach shows your customer, sourcing, and project teams how to boost your bottom line.

In today’s rapidly changing, demanding business environment, the ability to execute profitable supply chain strategy is critical to corporate success. RED BEAR Negotiation Company is committed to helping our clients close the gap between the results they expect and the results they achieve.

A critical factor in achieving optimal supplier performance is the ability of your key personnel to create and maintain profitable, value-based relationships both inside and outside your organization…and with partners around the world. These relationships–created by your people when they negotiate agreements with your suppliers (and each other) are critical to profitability, shareholder value, and individual performance results.

Our Focus: Improving Your Bottom-line

RED BEAR Negotiation Company implements performance improvement projects that lead to measurable negotiation results.

By partnering with us, clients achieve substantial improvements in organization performance, successful execution of key initiatives, and substantial increases in productivity and profitability. We often work in organizations that are in the midst of major projects targeted at controlling costs, improving quality, reducing supply chain risk, and building more innovation into the supply chain.

RED BEAR Negotiation Company offers solutions in areas critical to your global business success:

Supplier Relationship Profitability

Building profitability by managing costs while improving the quality of supplier relationships.

Customer Relationship Profitability

Building profitability by managing expectations & scope while improving the relationship.

Negotiating Effectiveness Across the Enterprise

Ensuring that the negotiation of acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, and strategic alliances deliver optimal outcomes and profitable financial results.

Cross-Cultural Negotiation Results

Equipping your team to negotiate more profitable agreements with suppliers, partners, and colleagues from other countries.

OUR ROLE: Closing the gap between expected business performance and actual bottom-line results through negotiation.