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RED BEAR Negotiation is the world's leading training and consulting firm dedicated to maximizing the profitability of the agreements you negotiate both externally with customers, suppliers and partners, and internally with key stakeholders.

Our track record in driving significant improvements in human performance and bottom-line business results for our clients is unparalleled.

Whether you are under pressure to accelerate revenue/margin growth, reduce costs, drive greater internal alignment or improve cross-cultural expertise, RED BEAR will work with you to identify opportunities and develop the appropriate solution to suit your unique needs.

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Negotiation Training

Through our experiential based learning - backed by decades of research - participants discover for themselves how to think, plan, and execute like WORLD-CLASS negotiators.

RED BEAR offers negotiation solutions for ANY role or function within your organization.  This includes, but isn’t limited to: Sales, Procurement, Engineers, Project/Product Managers, Legal, Finance, Operations, HR, Marketing, and Customer Service.

Negotiating With SuppliersTM
Equip your procurement team with the negotiation skills they need to maximize the value from your supplier relationships at the right place.

Situational Negotiation SkillsTM
Give your sales professionals the skills and tools they need to negotiate profitable agreements and to avoid making costly, unnecessary concessions to win business.

Cross-Cultural NegotiationTM
Craft better agreements with your customers, suppliers, and colleagues from cultures different than your own by improving cultural awareness and communication.

Internal Negotiation SkillsTM
Achieve greater levels of cross-functional team alignment within your own organization.

Negotiation Consulting

Accelerate business results improvement by bringing in expert CPO-level talent and a new/additional perspective to assist the client CPO. This talent also brings extensive knowledge of the RED BEAR negotiations process, its effective application and deployment.

  • Discover new/missed opportunities to create value (Opportunity Discovery Process): What other opportunities remain undiscovered or unaddressed within the business/organization? RED BEAR Consulting brings a new and outside CPO-level perspective and a thorough discovery process (ODP).
  • Accelerate current business priorities: What are the top priorities the CPO wants to drive - or drive faster - but can't due to leadership bandwidth/capacity/capability issues? RED BEAR Consulting is a leadership "force-multiplier" helping the CPO drive new priorities and/or accelerate current priorities.
  • Execute flawlessly and drive maximum value on specific critical negotiations or projects: What critical negotiations or projects are underway or planned that need more leadership attention beyond current leadership bandwidth or capability? RED BEAR Consulting provides CPO-level negotiation and project leadership and experience.
  • Drive the adoption and application of the RED BEAR negotiations process across the organization: How does the organization maximize their return on investment in the RED BEAR training? RED BEAR Consulting leads deployment of the RED BEAR Negotiations Process, embedding it in the DNA of the organization to deliver improved business results.


Supplier Negotiations - An Opportunity to Improve Profits

Developing and maintaining supplier relationships requires procurement professionals to think differently. Our "Supplier Negotiations" white paper is a primer on supplier negotiation strategies to help you gain an advantage in today's global, competitive environment.

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Wrong Turns...Right Turns - Building Value Through Profitable Sales Negotiation

Learn the most significant challenges faced and wrong turns made by sales professionals with our "Wrong Turns... Right Turns" white paper. This information is ideal for Sales professionals interested in adopting the habits of high-performing negotiators.

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A few of our clients...


We’re privileged to have teamed up with many of the most respected companies across the following industries:

Aerospace & Defense
Building Materials
Computer Software
Consumer Products
Financial Services
Food Production
Food Services
Gas and Electric Utilities
Industrial Machinery
Internet Services and Retailing
Medical Products and Equipment


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RED BEAR Negotiation Company was founded in 2013 to continue BayGroup International’s three-decade legacy of supporting a “Who’s Who” of best in class, market-leading, global organizations.  In June 2017, RED BEAR acquired BayGroup’s negotiation content including Negotiating With Suppliers™, Situational Negotiation Skills™, and Cross-Cultural Negotiation™. In 2018, RED BEAR launched its Consulting division to provide hands-on negotiation support, strategy development, and execution to benefit businesses throughout critical negotiations. 

RED BEAR continues to expand its global footprint with many of the world’s most respected companies. 


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