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These last few years have laid the foundation for a new era in sales negotiation.
Even in today’s fast-paced world of sales, the timeless art of sales negotiation remains an irreplaceable asset.
BATNA, or Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement, is all about planning out the best alternative in the event negotiations fall through.
The Sales Process Has Changed
The dawn of the new year or quarter means fresh targets, renewed objectives, and a reinvigorated sales drive. For sales professionals, this period isn’t just about setting lofty sales goals but achieving them in the most effective way possible.
Positive framing is as much art as it is practical. To get it right, you need to not only understand your own value and strength but also the power of perception.
Power is a critical part of any negotiation, and understanding the power dynamic between you and the other party can lead the discussion toward more successful outcomes.
There is no denying the power that AI and related technologies bring to the table. But, with any revolution comes disruption.
Unless you’ve lived under a rock these last few years, you’re likely well aware of the uncertain economic environment sales professionals need to navigate in 2023.