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In this episode of The Confident Negotiator Podcast, host Rob Cox and RED BEAR's Founder and CEO Chad Mulligan discuss the foundational pillars that have steered RED BEAR through a decade of success.
Mastering virtual negotiation skills has become increasingly important in our post-2020 world. As globalization and remote work have been normalized, the ability to negotiate effectively in virtual environments is a valuable asset for sales professionals and procurement teams.
The global supply chain challenges that were brought into focus in 2020 are still prevalent today. Those difficulties continue to emphasize the importance of building relationships during negotiations, which is the focus of Dan Zeiger's cover story for the March/April 2024 issue of Inside Supply Management.
Whether your sales team is closing a high-stakes deal or your procurement team is securing favorable purchasing terms, the ability to negotiate can make or break your organization’s bottom line. Negotiation training can equip your team with the right tools, strategies, and techniques to gain a competitive advantage during customer deals.
Digital transformation. It’s more than a buzzword; it’s a matter of staying relevant and agile in a shifting tech-savvy market.
What does it take to find success in procurement negotiations?
Negotiation skills are some of the most important tools in a salesperson’s toolbox. Despite their best efforts, many sellers make the same mistakes in negotiations, like being inflexible, showing a lack of confidence, or being overly fixated on costs, leading to lost profits.
In this episode of The Confident Negotiator, host Rob Cox and RED BEAR's Director of Client Engagement, Brandon Wilson, dissect invaluable insights derived from comprehensive research involving 20 diverse companies. This discussion not only highlights key negotiation trends poised to shape the corporate world in 2024 but also addresses the pivotal challenges and common pitfalls negotiators face,...
What will 2024 have in store for negotiation professionals? Here at RED BEAR, our mission is to not only provide individuals with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to negotiate effectively but also keep them up to date on the trends and topics that will shape the business landscape.