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Negotiations are an everyday reality in almost every industry. Whether it's procurement for a Fortune 500 company or sales at a high-growth startup, effective skills start with the proper negotiation guidelines and principles.
The high-tension environment of a sales negotiation is nothing to fear. Becoming familiar with the tension and learning to navigate it tactfully is the key to closing deals and building relationships.
During the concessions portion of a negotiation, a strategic balance of give and take is critical to a successful outcome for both parties.
A lack of confidence undermines negotiations. This is true in any economy, but especially true when sales leaders and reps are operating in uncertain times like these.
Sustainability imperatives, cost reduction efforts, supply chain disruptions: there’s an endless list of issues that impact procurement.
Negotiation is all about nuance. It’s about what is said and not said. About decoding ideas, needs, and requirements to reach consensus.
It’s a brand new year. A year for which experts have the following projections:
Successful negotiations with suppliers have never been more critical. With every penny saved going directly to your bottom line, you need highly skilled negotiators to help control costs to grow and strengthen your business.
Everyone makes occasional negotiation mistakes. Recognizing any miscalculations and learning how to avoid them is the key to future success. With negotiations, ignorance is not bliss. You want to understand what you did wrong to avoid blunders.