Cross Cultural Negotiation

We don’t see things how THEY are, we see things how WE are.

The Challenge…

…in today’s increasingly global marketplace, the ability to negotiate effectively with people from other cultures is critical to business success.


Cross-Cultural NegotiationTM (CCN) improves performance of personnel responsible for negotiating better agreements in multi- cultural situations. Through a combination of engaging simulations, application discussions, personal feedback reporting, and team exercises, this one-day program provides:

  • New awareness of the challenges of negotiating with people from other cultures, and how our intuitive reactions can create problems;
  • Guidelines for approaching cross-cultural negotiations that help you conduct them with the most productive mindset possible;
  • A planning approach to help you develop strategies for addressing the most important challenges you will face when negotiating with people from other cultures; and
  • Practical strategies for applying fundamental negotiation concepts successfully in current cross-cultural negotiations.

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Who can benefit from CCN?

Startup Business Team Brainstorming on  Meeting Workshop

The program is appropriate for procurement, sales, or other professional staff who have completed basic negotiation training, and want to improve their results in cross-cultural settings. To learn more about Cross-Cultural NegotiationTM , connect with us today

What Our Clients Are Saying

The most positive experience of my working life.

I loved this course.  Instructor was phenomenal and engaging.  I have taken other negotiating trainings before and this was 1 million times better.

Excellent course.  Blew my expectations out of the water…and I've attended no less than 6 negotiation classes over the past 15 years.

I thought it was excellent.  It was the single best corporate training program I've been a part of.  The interaction, teaching style and benefits far exceeded my expectations.

Great content and instructor.  The class has a great reputation and did not disappoint!  Great job!


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