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Our growing list of recognitions and accolades for our transformative negotiation training.

  • At RED BEAR Negotiation, each award we receive is more than a recognition of our excellence; it's a reflection of the tangible benefits and transformative impacts our training brings to our clients. Our array of industry awards underscores our commitment to not just leading in negotiation training but in driving real results for sales and procurement professionals worldwide. These recognitions validate our mission to empower your teams with the strategies, tools, and confidence needed to navigate complex negotiations successfully and achieve your business objectives.

2024 Sales Training and Enablement Watchlist

Organization: Training Industry

The selection highlights RED BEAR's innovative Situational Negotiation Skills™ workshop, which empowers sales professionals with essential skills for more profitable client relationships and enhanced team collaboration. This accolade underscores RED BEAR's significant impact on the sales negotiation training market through its comprehensive program offerings and contributions to sales professionals' success across the globe.

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2023 Top Sales Training Company

Organization: Selling Power

This accolade reflects RED BEAR's commitment to delivering tangible ROI and superior customer service through its negotiation model, benefiting a wide range of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to high-growth start-ups. The award underscores the depth, innovation, and effectiveness of RED BEAR's sales training programs and their pivotal role in enhancing sales performance and negotiation outcomes across industries.

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2023 Top Virtual Sales Training Companies

Organization: Selling Power

This award underscores RED BEAR's commitment to delivering innovative and engaging virtual training solutions that produce tangible results, cater to client needs, and adapt to market changes. Celebrating a decade of leadership and growth, RED BEAR's inclusion in this prestigious list highlights its excellence in virtual instructor-led training methodologies and its dedication to empowering organizations with skills for navigating today’s challenges.

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2023 Top Supply Chain Projects Award

Organization: Supply & Demand Chain Executive

This recognition showcases RED BEAR's commitment to enhancing procurement professionals' skills, enabling them to secure more effective supplier agreements and contribute significantly to supply chain resilience amid economic challenges. The award highlights RED BEAR's innovative approach to procurement negotiation training, emphasizing competitive, collaborative, and creative solutions for today's volatile market.

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