Negotiation Courses in the Digital Age: Online and In-Person Training Workshops

By RED BEAR March 14, 2024 | 7 min read

Digital transformation. It’s more than a buzzword; it’s a matter of staying relevant and agile in a shifting tech-savvy market.

It’s no longer enough to wait for adoption to happen and follow behind leaders in an industry. Instead, businesses need to face these digital challenges head-on. And often, it’s a matter of survival. 

If the COVID-19 global crisis taught the world anything, it’s that digital communication and remote work are essential elements of doing business in this new era. Of course, that doesn’t mean critical skills like negotiation are on the way out — far from it. In fact, negotiation is one skill set that’s future-proof. Regardless of the environment, everything is negotiated or left up to chance.

Negotiation courses give your team a strong competitive advantage, but the right training matters. 

RED BEAR is a leader in the negotiation training industry and is adept at offering workshops both online and in-person, catering to the needs of businesses across the globe, from traditional brick-and-mortar organizations to tech-savvy distributed teams.

But what does an online negotiation course look like? And how do they compare to traditional in-person workshops?

The Rise of Virtual Training

As of 2023, it’s estimated that over 12% of full-time employees work from home, with 28% working in a hybrid model. By 2025, this number may almost double, hitting around 22% of the total workforce in the U.S. alone.


While the way these workers communicate and manage daily tasks might differ from traditional approaches, their training needs won’t. 

“While the way these workers communicate and manage daily tasks might differ from traditional approaches, their training needs won’t.”

These workers will still need to learn the ins and outs of essential skills like negotiation to stay ahead. That’s where virtual workshops emerge as an attractive option. 

But it’s not just for disturbed teams and remote workforces; these online negotiation courses provide critical skills training to businesses where travel restrictions limit their ability to operate in-person events.

RED BEAR’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training

RED BEAR’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) offers access to RED BEAR negotiation experts in an environment that blends the effectiveness of in-person training with the convenience of online communication.

This award-winning workshop features all the hallmarks of our hands-on negotiation training, giving participants the ability to connect directly with live instruction and each other from the office, at home, alone, or in a group. This hands-on learning is a key feature of VILT.

VILT sessions are characterized by their live, interactive nature. Participants actively engage in real-time with instructors and peers, creating a dynamic and stimulating learning environment that mirrors the interactive aspect of our in-person workshops.

Through virtual role-plays, simulations, and interactive exercises, your team will get to experience practical, real-world negotiation scenarios, making sure that the skills they acquire are directly applicable to their everyday work operations.

Another key advantage of RED BEAR’s VILT is the opportunity for immediate and tailored feedback.

This personalized approach respects and caters to individual learning styles and needs, ensuring that participants can maximize their learning outcomes from each session.

Advantages of Our Online Negotiation Courses

VILT is built from the ground up to provide the same level of negotiation course training as our in-person workshop options. To help your team further understand the value of RED BEAR’s Virtual Instructor-Led Training, here are some of the clear advantages VILT offers:

  • Convenience and Accessibility: Online training removes geographical barriers and offers flexible scheduling, enabling participants to fit training into their schedules no matter where they need access.
  • The Power of the Virtual Toolbox: The collaborative tools offered by the Virtual Toolbox, such as real-time polls, breakout rooms, and group chats, enhance interactivity and engagement while facilitating excellent communication among participants.
  • Virtual Assistance: RED BEAR provides a virtual producer for each VILT engagement. This producer assists both the facilitator and the participants throughout the engagement and addresses all of the technical, behind-the-scenes components of delivering a virtual workshop.
  • Flexibility: RED BEAR’s technology-agnostic training uses all major online communication platforms, such as Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams for its Virtual Instructor-Led Training. 

In-Person and Advanced Workshop Options

While RED BEAR’s VILT is an excellent option for many businesses, some organizations may prefer in-person instruction. That’s where our other workshop options become a great training choice. 

Of course, you still get the engaging and immersive experience that RED BEAR training is known for, but in an environment where participants are fully absorbed in the experience, surrounded by peers and expert facilitators.

Moreover, face-to-face interaction fosters active participation and engagement. Direct communication and group dynamics often lead to a richer understanding of negotiation strategies through shared experiences and diverse perspectives. While you get this from both in-person and online training, some businesses’ needs lean toward in-person instruction — and we have workshops to cater to everyone.

RED BEAR also offers a variety of negotiation courses — both in-person and virtual — from cross-cultural negotiation training to procurement negotiation workshops to sales negotiation workshops, that cater to specific industry and business needs. 


Additionally, if your business wants to further its negotiation skills through advanced training options, our workshops present ample opportunities to refine learned strategies, explore new avenues for negotiation, and even learn the ropes of negotiation coaching for internal skills development.

While our in-person workshops leverage the same fundamentals as the VILT, businesses that prefer in-person instruction or don’t operate with distributed teams may choose our in-person workshop choices. It all depends on your needs and training goals.

Choosing the Right Format for Your Team

At RED BEAR, our mission is to empower individuals with the skills, tools, and behaviors they need to craft profitable, value-based agreements with customers and internal team members.

To meet the demands of modern business, whether they operate leveraging remote workforces or distributed teams, we offer our Virtual Instructor-Led Training — a workshop that leverages the same fundamental principles as our in-person training but in a highly accessible and convenient format. 

Every business can benefit from taking a negotiation course, and with our various training delivery options, they now can. 

Of course, it’s not just about training but about the value that RED BEAR delivers. Not only does 45% of the Fortune 500 leverage our negotiation methodology but for every dollar spent on our workshops, our clients receive, on average, $54 back. That’s the power of effective negotiation course training; that’s the power of RED BEAR.

For more information on Virtual Instructor-Led Training or to explore our other workshop offerings, be sure to connect with the RED BEAR team.

Fill out our contact form and we will be back to you in no later than one business day.



Successful negotiations are rarely the result of chance or innate talent. They are, more often than not, the product of meticulous preparation and strategic planning.
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