Investing in Your Team: The Benefits of Training Your Employees

By RED BEAR April 6, 2023 | 7 min read

In today’s modern workplace, companies need to stay ahead of trends in employee engagement, retention, and recruitment to hire and keep the best talent.

Employees want to see that leadership is interested in their own growth, not just the company's growth.

That’s precisely why more and more organizations are putting an emphasis on learning and development. As it stands, around 70% of employees report they just don’t have the skills they need to successfully manage their day-to-day work responsibilities.

70% of employees don’t have the skills they need to successfully manage their day-to-day work responsibilities.

By incorporating valuable and salient training into an employee's yearly schedule, employers are seeing how big of an impact individual growth can have on daily operations.

But, the right training matters.

RED BEAR Negotiation Training focuses on the growth and development of your team. That means providing learning experiences that stick with people to get to the heart of an organization's overall business goals with an emphasis on driving better business performance and helping people reach their maximum potential.

Whether it’s procurement, sales, or cross-cultural negotiation training, RED BEAR helps businesses invest in their greatest asset — their employees.

Let’s take a look at why training is such a worthy investment for organizations across all industries.

Keeping Your Team Engaged

In today’s modern workplaces, it’s essential for learning and development (L&D) organizations to provide the kind of high-quality employee and management training that emphasizes leadership development.

Depending on how L&D in your organization is set up, sales and procurement leaders often shoulder the responsibility of heading up internal investment and training for their people — making their jobs all the more difficult.

But, regardless of who manages L&D, training matters.

Training not only has the benefit of adding value for the employee, but it also helps businesses achieve and maintain a corporate advantage in a highly competitive economy.

Moreover, it helps keep employees engaged and enthusiastic about their work.

But, while most companies argue their employees are their greatest assets, when it comes to engagement, they often fall short.

In a recent study, researchers observed that only 20% of employees claim leadership is playing an active role in their growth and development. The unfortunate truth is that when leadership fails to keep employees engaged, it rarely, if ever, gets noticed.

Only 20% of employees claim leadership is playing an active role in their growth and development.

In some cases, it may result in a gentle nudge from HR.

Keeping employees engaged and passionate about work is not a single event. It’s like running a marathon.

It takes consistent effort over a long period of time to see results.

While some low-hanging fruit like showing appreciation regularly can have some cumulative effects, showing your employees how much you value them by offering opportunities for growth and development can have an even more significant impact.

With RED BEAR Training, you can provide your team with unforgettable learning experiences that teach long-lasting and highly-effective negotiation skills based on tested principles and behaviors. It’s all about transforming individuals into world-class negotiators.

What’s the result of quality training? Engaged employees.

Engaged employees often show more discretionary effort. That is to say, they are primed to go above and beyond for your organization and stay at your organization longer.

We’ve built our training programs with the goal of keeping employees engaged. That means:

  • Tailored learning experiences
  • Measurable results
  • Continuous learning and reinforcement
  • Much more


Futureproof Skills and Advance Career Development

The modern business landscape is quickly shifting. 

With advancements in technology, more and more jobs are at risk. The OECD estimates that around 1.1 billion jobs are liable to be radically transformed by technology in the next decade.

Employees today are starting to understand the gravity of what might come and are looking to employers for answers.

They're searching for companies that will invest in them and help them grow and succeed.

To keep employees, organizations need to implement training programs, mentorship sessions, and much more. This has led many businesses to reimagine what employee retention means in today’s economic landscape.

Organizations need to ask themselves, why are employees staying

Job satisfaction is, of course, a significant factor, but opportunities outside of the organization are often a huge pull for individuals. Why stay loyal when greater opportunities lay ahead?

One way that employers can optimize retention is by focusing on skill sharing.

Staying relevant means leveraging new skills and knowledge regularly. By investing in your team with something like negotiation training, any business can provide team members with fresh skills to navigate and succeed in essential business operations.

Additionally, leveraging robust training programs can help sustain employee inertia. When an individual’s work ethic is compatible with the overall values of a company, it tends to strengthen their bond with the organization.

Whether it’s sales negotiation methods that can close the deal or understanding the in-and-outs of cross-cultural negotiations, giving your team members access to this kind of training offers every individual a framework for building this new and highly flexible skillset. 

Show your team how much you value their individual career development.

"Show your team how much you value their individual career development."

Employees need a reason to stay. 

Give them one not solely with financial incentives but also career development incentives like high-quality business training.

Attracting the Best and Brightest

Every organization is looking for the best team members. 

In a highly competitive environment, businesses need to stand out to potential hires. That might mean offering flexible working terms or providing regular professional development training.

Investing in career development through training shows potential team members your commitment to their growth.

Investing in career development through training shows potential team members your commitment to their growth.

Most companies are simply failing to offer robust career development options.

In fact, one of the biggest factors attracting new hires is the availability of career growth opportunities. Employers looking to lure in the best and brightest need to understand the importance of growth and development.

But it’s not enough to simply offer training; you need to showcase this value to potential hires. Employees want to see your commitment not only to their growth within the company but also an organization's desire to foster development for future roles — even if they’re outside of the current organization.

With RED BEAR, you can offer your team world-class negotiation training that not only helps them in their current position but also prepares them for whatever lies ahead in their career.

We provide training that prepares your team to handle high-tension negotiation sessions.

Our training focuses on fundamental principles and behaviors that benefit negotiation but also translate to other business and personal growth areas. 

For instance, knowing the full range and strength of your power is essential in mastering negotiations. But this knowledge transcends a single session and benefits almost every area of growth and development.

That’s our mission. Not to teach cookie-cutter techniques and tactics but rather to develop within each individual the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. 


What You Get with RED BEAR Negotiation Training 

To stay ahead of business trends and demands, organizations need to take a thorough look at how they approach learning and development.

Implementing tested training programs can serve several overall business goals. From recruitment to employee retention to engagement, offering team members proven systems that deliver immediate results for their careers is a winning strategy to meet today’s evolving employee needs.

RED BEAR’s training framework focuses on the process, principles, and behaviors that drive success in negotiations. We offer unforgettable learning experiences that help you invest in your greatest asset: your team.

Investing in your people gives you a competitive edge in an evolving and shifting business landscape.

To learn more about RED BEAR Negotiation Training, be sure to get in touch with our team today.

Fill out our contact form and we will be back to you in no later than one business day.



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