From Basics to Mastery: The RED BEAR Negotiation Customer Journey

By RED BEAR February 15, 2024 | 8 min read

Here at RED BEAR, our mission is to empower individuals to become world-class negotiators. Our negotiation methodology is built on the fundamental principles, behaviors, and skills that drive effective decision-making, negotiation performance, and long-term success.

But becoming a master negotiator doesn’t happen overnight.

While some training companies might offer quick fixes that rely on manipulative tactics or one-time-use strategies, that’s the opposite of the RED BEAR approach. 

We know that effective negotiators don’t just optimize outcomes; they learn to uncover hidden aspects of a negotiation and leverage the right tools to explore mutually beneficial outcomes that leave everyone happy.

That’s why our training is utilized by over 45% of the Fortune 500.

To give you and your team a glimpse into your negotiation journey with RED BEAR, let’s explore what the process looks like from start to negotiation mastery.



What You Get with RED BEAR Training 

Before we dive into the customer journey, it’s important to understand what makes RED BEAR training so different from what you’ll find in the market today.

We’re trusted by forward-thinking companies across the globe, from Fortune 500 enterprise giants to high-growth startups. They all rely on our proprietary negotiation training to accelerate growth, reduce costs, drive greater internal alignment, and, ultimately, help them achieve their critical organizational goals.

At RED BEAR, your team gets access to world-class instructors who specialize in unforgettable, tailored learning experiences.

It all starts with strategic alignment.

Here, our expert team will work to understand your business’s challenges and mistakes to fine-tune engagements to address specific needs and industry trends. 

Next comes experiential learning.

This isn’t some boring lecture; it’s a hands-on, interactive experience that equips participants with the knowledge and real-life situational learning they need to know to not only master negotiation but find success in virtually any environment.

From here, we move into the coaching and reinforcement stage. 

This is where your team will reinforce learned concepts so that they can stay confident and competent in their negotiation skills training. 

Last is measurement. 

RED BEAR uses various metrics to prove ROI, so you know exactly what you paid for.

“RED BEAR uses various metrics to prove ROI, so you know exactly what you paid for.”

Of course, that’s just a taste of what’s in store for you and your team. Let’s take a deeper dive into the RED BEAR customer journey to explore even more.

The Customer Journey

So, what does it take to go from no established negotiation processes, siloed knowledge, disconnected teams, and strategies that rarely succeed to negotiation mastery?

First off, an engagement with RED BEAR is more than just a one-off, one-time event. Instead, it’s a comprehensive process that can span years. Getting your team from level 0 to mastery takes time, and we have the exact plan already in place to get them there.


Here is the customer journey from the first training session to advanced skills workshops.

Remember that while these paths will be very similar for both sales and procurement professionals, some of the workshops will vary in content and approach.

Step 1: The First Workshop

So, you’ve decided that your team is in need of negotiation instruction and is ready to engage with world-class training. 

If you're interested in sales negotiation training, this initial class would be our Situational Negotiation Skills 1 (SNS 1) workshop. If your team is procurement-focused, you’ll engage with RED BEAR’s Negotiating With Suppliers 1 (NWS 1) workshop. We offer cross-functional classes for team members outside of sales and procurement, as well.

These courses will set the foundation for your team. It will empower them to create actionable strategies that lead to enhanced outcomes, whether with customers or suppliers.

Step 2: Reinforcing Learned Strategies

After the first workshop, your team will receive additional reinforcement materials to help refine learned strategies. 

For sales and procurement professionals, this will be our 100minutes to Improved Results program, which is an email-based training that strengthens the skills learned during our workshop sessions.

Step 3: Coaching and Reinforcement Workshop (CRW)

Training shouldn't stop after the initial workshop and additional programs end. In fact, the next stage of the customer journey is our Coaching and Reinforcement Workshop (CRW). This program gives leadership and management the tools they need to bolster the skills learned in our workshops for lasting behavior change.

Negotiation is more than just knowledge; it’s a skill. As such, it needs practice, just like a muscle, to stay strong. The CRW gives your managers and leaders the knowledge they need to manage practices internally so you can not only retain knowledge but also keep improving.

Step 4: Independent ROI Study

At RED BEAR, we know that while learning and development initiatives can look good on paper, they need to drive actual results. That’s why we conduct a robust return on investment study with an independent measurement firm, so your team knows the value of our negotiation training in tangible terms.

While we know that for every dollar invested in our workshops, our clients receive, on average, $54 back, we want you to see those numbers yourself.

The detailed ROI study also offers insights into areas of strength and areas of improvement for your team.



Steps 5 and 6: Furthering Your Negotiation Knowledge

Our first four steps of the negotiation training customer journey will take around six-to-nine months to complete, not to mention consistent internal training leveraging the knowledge from the CRW.

To master the art and science of negotiation, we have our advanced workshop offerings. This includes the SNS 2, SNS 3, NWS 2, and NWS 3 workshops. These workshops build on previously learned skills and include engaging simulations, case studies, discussions, feedback, and interactive team exercises. 

Advancing through these next workshop offerings takes around six-to-nine months each.

Step 7: Continuing the Training Journey

There is no limit to the training that your team can explore. Becoming a master negotiator means taking continuing education seriously. To give your team what they need to succeed and further develop their skills, RED BEAR offers additional classes like Closing Deals with Procurement, Cross-Cultural Negotiation, BEAR Essentials, Aligning Customer Teams, Creative Contention, and more.

The key to mastering negotiation is to become a lifelong learner, and RED BEAR is here to provide the workshops and courses necessary to make that a reality.

“The key to mastering negotiation is to become a lifelong learner, and RED BEAR is here to provide the workshops and courses necessary to make that a reality.”



Start Your Journey with RED BEAR

If you’re ready to start your negotiation journey, RED BEAR is here to help. With our workshops, your team gets access to the right skills, knowledge, and tools they need to master the art of negotiation and reach optimized deals with clients, suppliers, and even internal team members.

We also provide robust after-workshop training as well as advanced training options, so your team is always up-to-date on the latest and most innovative negotiation tools and practices.

If you want to know where your team stands in terms of negotiation knowledge, be sure to take a few minutes to explore our Organizational Negotiation Assessment. This 20-question assessment will give you a chance to learn more about your negotiation strengths and weaknesses.

When you’re ready to get your business negotiation ready, get in touch with the RED BEAR team today.

Fill out our contact form and we will be back to you in no later than one business day.



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