Unveiling the Organizational Negotiation Assessment: Are You a World-Class Negotiator?

By RED BEAR February 7, 2024 | 5 min read

Negotiation is an invaluable skill set that offers value no matter the industry, size of business, or environment.

However, mastering the intricacies of negotiation is a complex task. Organizations face many challenges when it comes to honing their negotiation capabilities — from aligning team strategies to understanding the nuanced dynamics of each deal.

In response to this need for enhanced negotiation prowess, we are excited to introduce the Organizational Negotiation Assessment.

This RED BEAR tool is free, takes 5 minutes to fill out, and empowers your business with a detailed evaluation of your current negotiation strengths and weaknesses. By shedding light on both the good and bad sides of your team’s approach to the negotiation process, this assessment acts as a stepping stone to transforming your team’s negotiation capabilities.

And here at RED BEAR, that’s our mission. We want to empower your team to confidently tackle the dynamic environment of negotiation every time and everywhere. 

Our training gets results. 

Not only does over 45% of the Fortune 500 leverage our methodology, but for every dollar invested in our workshops, our clients receive, on average, $54 back. Let’s take a look at the Organizational Negotiation Assessment and what it means for your business.

Understanding the Organizational Negotiation Assessment

The Organizational Negotiation Assessment is pivotal in your journey toward negotiation excellence. It’s built to cover all the essential aspects of effective negotiation to give your team a baseline for improvement. 

“The Organizational Negotiation Assessment is pivotal in your journey toward negotiation excellence.”

It’s more than a simple assessment, though; it's a mirror reflecting your organization’s current negotiation strategies and skills, laying bare both strengths and opportunities for growth.

Structured in a 20-question format, the Organizational Negotiation Assessment allows you to rate your organization’s negotiation abilities on a scale from 1 (indicating weakness) to 5 (signifying strength). This scoring system is intuitively designed to offer a clear and quantifiable measure of your team’s negotiation acumen.

 Here are a few things you’ll see in the assessment:

  • Negotiation Planning: How well does your team prepare for negotiations? Do they have a detailed plan in place that covers all possible scenarios?
  • Strategy Setting: Does your organization have a clear and well-defined strategy for negotiation, taking into account both short-term gains and long-term relationships?
  • Value Perception: How effectively does your team position the business to optimize its value in the eyes of the other party?
  • Target Setting: Are high targets being set, not just in financial terms but also considering non-financial objectives?

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Interpreting Your Assessment Scores

Understanding the results of the Organizational Negotiation Assessment is pivotal in charting a path forward for your company.

High scores are indicators of strength. This suggests your team is prepared, strategic, and adept at managing negotiations to achieve optimal outcomes. As such, your goal might not be to build your negotiation skills from the ground up but rather strengthen existing knowledge with more advanced training offerings.

Low scores, while highlighting areas needing improvement, are not a cause for concern but an opportunity for growth. 

The assessment breaks down scores in the following way:

  • 20 - 34%: Poor Negotiators, in desperate need of process and training.
  • 35 - 49%: Weak Negotiators, in need of a process and skills training. 
  • 50 - 64%: Average Negotiators, good instincts but poor process.
  • 65 - 79%: Strong Negotiators, but room for improvement.
  • 80 - 100%: This is where RED BEAR clients end up.

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From Assessment to Action - Exploring Workshop Options with RED BEAR

The assessment is only the start of your team’s negotiation journey. Once you have your score, it’s time to explore workshop options. 

At RED BEAR, we offer a wide selection of workshops, this includes:

Whether you’re negotiating with suppliers in international markets or selling to clients local to your area, we’ve got a workshop to help your team bolster their skills and find success. RED BEAR also offers courses to help reinforce learned skills through the Coaching and Reinforcement workshop and Virtual Instructor-Led Training that’s perfect for remote and distributed teams.


Taking the Next Step in Negotiation Excellence

Transitioning from assessment insights to actionable steps is crucial.

RED BEAR’s workshops are tailored to address specific weaknesses uncovered in the assessment. Whether it's enhancing planning skills, setting more ambitious targets, or improving team alignment, these workshops are designed to meet your unique needs.

Use the assessment as a starting point for their journey toward negotiation mastery. Act now by filling out the Organizational Negotiation Assessment. It's straightforward, insightful, and the first step toward unlocking your team's full potential. And did we mention it’s free?

Take the 5 minutes to find out if you have a team of world-class negotiators today. Take the assessment below to get started.

For more information on RED BEAR and our workshops, be sure to connect with the team today.

Fill out our contact form and we will be back to you in no later than one business day.



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