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  • Delivered Globally
  • 1,500+ sales professionals and managers

The Situation

As one of the world’s leading global materials manufacturers, this client’s strategic goal was to maintain and grow profitability in the face of rising raw material costs, demanding customers, and constant competitive threats to profitable business – at the same time it needed to ask customers to accept price increases.

The Challenge

This client operates in a global, highly competitive marketplace characterized by varied and complex sales processes and intense price pressure from buyers. The challenge: help the company’s multi-regional sales teams build confidence and competence to deliver more value, find new and unique ways to meet the needs of its customers, and close more high-quality, profitable business.

Specifically, the client needed to equip its sales teams to:

  • Think differently about the value the company offered customers,
  • Become more assertive and effective in sales negotiations, and
  • Increase the creativity of its approach to selling its solutions.


In a study of one typical sales team, gains of up to 5% in pricing were realized. According to this study, this client achieved a 68:1 return on investment in the initiative within six months of initial deployment.


“RED BEAR’s negotiation methodology has helped our sales team develop and execute plans for maintaining – and in many cases improving – our pricing in a very challenging business environment. Our investment in this approach achieved payback extremely quickly, and will continue to pay dividends into the future.” – VP of Sales Operations