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The RED BEAR Negotiation Model

Transform your negotiation approach and empower your team with the RED BEAR Negotiation Model. In a world where every interaction counts, mastering the art of negotiation is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. RED BEAR's innovative model introduces a three-dimensional approach to negotiation, embracing tension as a powerful tool for achieving superior outcomes.

Whether you're dealing with customers, suppliers, partners, or key stakeholders, embracing the RED BEAR Negotiation Model will transform your team into world-class negotiators ready to face the challenges and opportunities of today's competitive environment.


The Confident Negotiator Podcast

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RED BEAR's Core Values | Confident Negotiator Podcast #4


In this special episode of the Confident Negotiator Podcast, host Rob Cox is joined by RED BEAR's Founder and CEO, Chad Mulligan, for a deep dive into the core values that have shaped RED BEAR Negotiation's journey to becoming the global leader in negotiation training. Celebrating 10 years of innovation and success, Chad shares insights on how these values not only define RED BEAR's culture but also influence its approach to creating impactful negotiation training programs.


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The Confident Negotiator Podcast Trailer

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The Conservation Fund | Larry Selzer | CEO & President


DuPont | Maria Boulden | Global Sales Director


Graham Packaging | Desen Lu | Vice President, Head of Sourcing


PROS | Jeff Robinson | General Manager, Sales


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Guide to Strategic Sourcing Negotiations


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