BEAR Essentials

Make your next company meeting sizzle!

The Challenge…

To motivate your team at your next meeting while you train.  To educate while you entertain.  To give them insights they can use immediately to negotiate more profitable, value-based agreements with customers, suppliers and each other.

What you can expect from BEAR Essentials

BEAR Essentials is a half-day program that provides participants with:

  • a highly interactive event focusing on a critical topic for today’s business professionals – how to negotiate/create value-based sustainable agreements.
  • an entertaining combination of actual negotiating, small group dialogue, interactive discussion, and lecture.
  • new insights they can use immediately to close business without costly concessions, unnecessary giveaways, and unprofitable terms.

Who can benefit from BEAR Essentials?

The program is designed for large.cross-functional audiences or can be tailored to specific functions. To learn more about BEAR Essentials , connect with us here

What Our Clients Are Saying

The most positive experience of my working life.

I loved this course.  Instructor was phenomenal and engaging.  I have taken other negotiating trainings before and this was 1 million times better.

Excellent course.  Blew my expectations out of the water…and I've attended no less than 6 negotiation classes over the past 15 years.

I thought it was excellent.  It was the single best corporate training program I've been a part of.  The interaction, teaching style and benefits far exceeded my expectations.

Great content and instructor.  The class has a great reputation and did not disappoint!  Great job!