RED BEAR Transforms People, Teams, and Organizations into WORLD-CLASS Negotiators

Who We Are.

RED BEAR is a global team of negotiation experts who understand the challenges your people face when building agreements to protect your company’s interests.  We have developed the most innovative approaches and methods for negotiating and collaborating with customers, suppliers, and across the enterprise. RED BEAR is the new standard for how negotiations get done.

We Build

RED BEAR creates and delivers impactful negotiation training experiences (supported by our reinforcement platform) that produce measurable behavior change with unheard of results—and we aren’t just saying that. Our clients typically realize an initial 10x return on their investment and continue to see an impact long after training is over.

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Why We
Do It.

RED BEAR wants to help your people avoid making costly “wrong turns” and put money back in your pocket. We believe that every negotiation is an opportunity to create and communicate the value your company provides and when your people become better at negotiating (and avoiding wrong turns), the perceived value (and what people are willing to pay for that value) increases.

Your business loses money every day because of ineffective agreements with customers and suppliers. Why does this happen? The answer is surprisingly simple—your people fall into a number of what we like to call “Bear Traps” or “wrong turns” such as:

Battle-tested with leading enterprises globally.

Trusted, forward-thinking companies around the world, across every industry, from the Fortune 500 to high growth start-ups rely on RED BEAR to transform their people into world-class negotiators.

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