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You’ll be interested to know that RED BEAR Negotiation Company is exclusive distributor of solutions from BayGroup International (now part of Corporate Visions, Inc.), including Negotiation With Suppliers, Situational Negotiation Skills, and Cross-Cultural Negotiation. We’re proud to make this proven content available, implemented by the same team that built a track record of success over the span of three decades.

Negotiation Insights

Negotiating inside your organization.

Are You Frustrated with Internal Negotiations?

Procurement wants a low price. Sales wants to close the deal.…
Are Magic Tricks Like Negotiation Tactics?

Learn from Magic Tricks to Beat Negotiation Tactics

Magic tricks can help us manage negotiations and ultimately beat…

Thought Leadership

Negotiating Profitable Agreements

Effective negotiation isn't about tricks and techniques. Success comes from disciplined application of six fundamental principles that guide preparation and execution of key agreements, and lead to optimal outcomes. Read this white paper to learn more...

Improving Cross-Cultural Negotiation Performance

Supply chain negotiations are taking place across borders now more than ever before. At the same time, business professionals are challenged to work with people inside their companies who come from different cultures. Read this white paper to discover a research-based approach to improving your team's cross-cultural negotiation performance...