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Framing Dialogues in Negotiation

12 Powerful Framing Dialogues: Know What to Say, Close More Deals

Whether you’re heading into a negotiation, preparing for an important conversation, or tackling a creative endeavor, you’re going to need to utilize a Framing skill to be able to execute effectively. Framing is a critical skill for all negotiators, communicators, and creatives because it helps us consistently develop powerful positioning themes, even as the negotiation…

Power of Negotiables

Using the Power of Negotiables

One of the most important principles of sales negotiation is to satisfy needs over wants, and negotiables serve as one of the primary levers to do so.  Before we jump into, let’s go over some quick definitions. A want is something the other party asks you for, something they state, they want something that’s concrete,…

Managing contention

The Contention Meter: Your Guide to Better Negotiations

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “contention”?  For most people, contention conjures up unpleasant or stressful feelings.  Whenever we hear anything that makes us think about or feel discord, strife, conflict, and contention, the untrained presupposition is to prepare for battle. It’s us versus them, and we need to win this…

Building Trust in Negotiation

How To Build Trust In A Negotiation

In previous blog posts, we’ve explored how effective negotiators balance competition with collaboration to pave the way towards creative, mutually beneficial outcomes. But this knowledge alone is of little use unless you know how to move the negotiation in the right direction to build trust. If things are getting too competitive – say the other…

Does it ever pay to lie in a negotation?

Does It Ever Pay To Lie In A Negotiation?

In any negotiation, information is an incredibly valuable commodity. (After all, Managing Information Skillfully is one of our 6  Principles of Successful Negotiation.) But, is it ever okay to lie in a negotiation? If you were to ask which competitors your prospect is considering and what they’ve been offered, for instance, you might adjust your…

Tic Tac Toe Negotiation Tactics

The right way to deal with a customer’s negotiation tactics

Any sales negotiator is likely to meet with a variety of negotiation tactics and styles throughout their career. There’s the hardball negotiator who doesn’t budge an inch, the anxious novice who buckles under the slightest pressure, the charismatic straight-talker who relies a bit too much on winging the entire thing. And then there’s the type…

Use our Concession Guidelines to negotiate like a tortoise - slow and reluctant

5 Concession Guidelines to Keep Deal Momentum on Your Side

Every negotiation is going to involve one or more concessions. However, there’s more to conceding than simply giving the other party what they want. It’s not just what you concede, it’s also the way in which you concede that can make or break your negotiation. What you need is a set of concession guidelines. In…

Virtual Live Training setting

What is Virtual Instructor-Led Training, anyway?

In case you are unfamiliar with the term Virtual Instructor-Led Training or are unsure as to what distinguishes VILT within the broad category of online learning, let’s start with a simple definition. According to, “Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) refers to training that is delivered in a virtual or simulated environment, or when instructor and…

Positioning the Sales Process

Close More Deals by Positioning the Sales Process

The most important aspect of negotiation is often not about the product or service, but about the sales process itself. This is why you must develop a new skill: Positioning the Sales Process.  How to Position the Sales Process Effectively How you position your sales process is your opportunity to set the tone, direction, and…