Creative Contention

Align, Engage, and Innovate

The Challenge...

To provide your individuals and teams with new, more constructive approaches to handling the toughest issues they face every day…so they can foster creative, innovative, profitable business solutions for your organization.

What you can expect from Creative Contention

Creative Contention (CC) gives participants tools for dealing with tough contentious issues on the individual, team, and organizational level.

When you implement the Creative Contention system, your organization benefits in four key areas:

Innovative Approaches to Increased Productivity and Profitability

When individuals and teams handle contentious issues effectively, they develop innovative approaches to lowering costs, improving quality, and getting things done quicker. This boosts your company’s bottom-line.

New, More Effective “Rules” For Handling Conflict

When your company implements Creative Contention systematically across the organization, new “rules” or norms for handling conflict emerge in teams and cross-functional lines. The result: higher morale and increased levels of performance.

More Effective Leadership

Managers who participate in the Creative Contention system become more effective role models, showing those on their teams how to handle the inevitable tough issues...and develop innovative business solutions from them. As “contention leaders,” they can help your company achieve its strategic objectives— on time and under budget.

Stronger Internal Working Relationships

Creative Contention skills improve management and peer relationships across the company, thereby increasing productivity and personal accountability, innovation and teamwork.


The program is appropriate for anyone that negotiates with customers, suppliers, and/or internally with each other.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I have been in procurement for 22 years. I have attended many seminars and classes, and I can say with complete confidence that RED is the best I have attended!

I loved this course. Instructor was phenomenal and engaging. I have taken other negotiating trainings before and this was 1 million times better.

I thought it was excellent. It was the single best corporate training program I've been a part of. The interaction, teaching style and benefits far exceeded my expectations.

I gained better experience in one role-playing session than I had in my previous 10 years as a purchaser.

I believe this program is a 'must for procurement'. We should consider expanding it as much as possible.