Building Productive Relationships

Creating Partnerships, Negotiating Agreements and Resolving Differences

The Challenge…

Those who negotiate with customers and suppliers must protect company interests while at the same time resolve differences and build strong relationships to craft profitable, sustainable agreements.

What you can expect from BPR

Building Productive Relationships (BPR) is a powerful, highly interactive 2 ½ day workshop that helps key employees build better agreements inside and outside of the company.  Your team will:

  • understand their natural tendencies in negotiation situations and how those tendencies can enhance or damage both relationships and bottom-line performance.
  • use four fundamental Principles to build rapport, enhance communications, identify issues, and gain agreement on the optimal solution for all parties.
  • understand how to work more effectively with colleagues who have diverse personal styles, viewpoints, or objectives.
  • develop critical skills necessary to
    • keep negotiations constructive, and collaborative
    • focus all parties on the higher business purpose, and desired shared outcomes
    • uncover better data, and position mutual gain and value more effectively
    • harness the tension inherent in difficult, contentious negotiations to increase personal and organizational creativity, productivity, and renewal
    • feel comfortable, effective, and empowered in negotiation situations on the job
  • craft plans for real world negotiations to be completed post workshop

Who can benefit from CRW

The program is appropriate for anyone that negotiates with customers, suppliers, and/or internally with each other. To learn more about Building Productive Relationships, connect with us here

What Our Clients Are Saying

The most positive experience of my working life.

I loved this course.  Instructor was phenomenal and engaging.  I have taken other negotiating trainings before and this was 1 million times better.

Excellent course.  Blew my expectations out of the water…and I've attended no less than 6 negotiation classes over the past 15 years.

I thought it was excellent.  It was the single best corporate training program I've been a part of.  The interaction, teaching style and benefits far exceeded my expectations.

Great content and instructor.  The class has a great reputation and did not disappoint!  Great job!