Accelerate business results improvement by bringing in expert C-Level talent with a fresh perspective to assist our clients.  This talent brings extensive knowledge of how to effectively apply and deploy the proven RED BEAR Negotiation process.

Our Consulting Services Include

Discover new or missed opportunities to create value

  • What opportunities remain undiscovered or unaddressed within the organization?
  • RED BEAR Consulting brings a new and outside C-Level perspective through a thorough Opportunity Discovery Process (ODP).

Accelerate current business priorities

  • What are the top priorities leadership wants to drive, but can't due to bandwidth, capacity, or capability issues?
  • RED BEAR Consulting is a leadership "force multiplier" that helps accelerate current priorities and drive new priorities.

Execute flawlessly and drive maximum value on specific critical negotiations/projects

  • What critical negotiations/projects need more leadership attention beyond current bandwidth?
  • RED BEAR Consulting provides C-Level negotiation/project leadership and experience.

Drive the adoption and application of the RED BEAR Negotiation process throughout the organization

  • How does the organization maximize their return on investment with RED BEAR Negotiation training?
  • RED BEAR Consulting leads deployment of the RED BEAR Negotiation process by embedding it in the DNA of the organization to deliver improved business results.