Virtual Instructor-Led Training.

online training personified

Don't let budget limits, travel restrictions or distributed teams be a blocker. Virtual Instructor-Led Training offers live discovery-based learning in a highly-collaborative online environment. Finally, conquer space and time to build your negotiation skills.

Stay connected with remote instruction

Each Virtual Instructor-Led Training workshop is delivered by RED BEAR Negotiation experts and features our hallmark hands-on negotiation training. Participants can connect directly to live instruction whether it's in the office, at home, alone or in a group.

  • Continue to support global teams while eliminating unnecessary travel
  • Avoid business disruptions due to constantly evolving global health and travel concerns
  • Provide teams valuable training in the comfort of their own office or home
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Virtual Instructor-Led Training™

Virtual Instructor-Led Training perfectly replicates the experience of our in-person discovery-based negotiation training workshops.

Virtual Live Training setting

Virtual Toolbox.

Go beyond the typical online learning approach and experience RED BEAR's Virtual Instructor-Led Training workshop. We've carefully recreated the in-person experience leveraging live, real-time, instructor-led, discovery-based learning allowing participants to work collaboratively with their team and participate in real-world negotiation exercises all within the comfort of their own office; saving money and maintaining quality. It's truly a win-win.

RED BEAR’s philosophy is that the best way to improve negotiation skills is to practice using real-world examples in real-world scenarios. Typically that's face-to-face. However, today's business world is changing and more and more interactions and being forced online. Virtual Instructor-Led Training allows participants to practice in the real-world scenario of online conferencing. The VILT platform accommodates both group and individual conferencing, as well as the ability to record negotiation exercises for review and analysis, speeding the rate of negotiation skills development.

With Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings' ability to record live sessions, participants are able to review negotiation exercises and identify wrong turns and successful skills adoption. Think of this as game film for negotiators. Just like athletes, you can review your performance, and that of your opponent, to unlock insights to help speed your skills development.

The Virtual Instructor-Led Training platform provides important collaboration tools for teams to extend their learning online. Offering polling questions to gauge comprehension and engagement, along with group chat functionality to connect participants and instructors, as well as screen-sharing among multiple participants, there really are no limits.

RED BEAR's hallmark style of instructor-led, discovery-based learning features a mixture of group instruction and individual exercises to build negotiation skills. Online elearning isn't able to provide the same experience through self-guided exploration of content alone. The Virtual Instructor-Led Training platform allows RED BEAR to offer the exact same experience in a convenient online environment. Instructors and participants are able to seamlessly transition between group and 1-on-1 conferencing. This matches the in-person experience and helps participants build skills faster.