Coaching and Reinforcement.

Retention Super Glue

How do you ensure that your investment with RED BEAR Negotiation has a lasting impact? You use reinforcement to coach, nurture, and motivate people to use their newly learned skills back on the job. When you keep training right in front of them, people remember what they learned and apply it. Your investment gets results.

Learn. Coach. Apply.

You want your investment to pay dividends. More importantly, you want your people to reach their full potential. Ensuring they master and apply their newly honed negotiation skills is the key. The RED BEAR Coaching and Reinforcement™ platform helps people and their managers transfer classroom learning back on the job and ensures what was learned gets used.

100 Minutes.

Energize your team, coach for results, and activate newly learned skills. RED BEAR 100 Minutes empowers managers and their team with weekly reinforcement and application activities designed to ensure what was learned gets used. Now personalized reinforcement is just a click away.

Revisit Key Concepts

Participants get weekly emails with a link to a video that is usually 4-12 minutes long and showcases one key concept from the program. They watch the video and then answer a few simple questions in their participant guide book.

Coach Your People

Managers get the same weekly email and video that their people receive.  After watching the video, they review the pre-written coaches meeting agenda (designed for 1:1 and/or team meetings) in their guidebook and select the “smart coaching” questions they will ask during coaching sessions that they schedule with their people.

Apply what was learned

Each coaching session between the manager and participant concludes with a commitment to apply what was learning during an upcoming negotiation that week. Participants execute that negotiation and report back the following week what happened.


Coaching & Reinforcement™ Workshop

The Coaching & Reinforcement Workshop (CRW) empowers managers with a clear action plan for coaching their people on how to use their new negotiation skills back on the job.”

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Build Motivation

Nothing is more motivating to people then when their managers take the time to work with them and help them master what they learned during training. The CRW motivates and enables every manager to be an effective coach and accelerate their teams growth.

Empower Coaching

Coaching doesn’t come naturally to everyone. The CRW gives managers the right tools, a practical coaching model, and plenty of practice so that they have the confidence and competence to coach their people to success.

Engage with your people

What happens if my people resist coaching? What questions should I be asking? How should I structure a coaching conversation? The CRW answers all these questions and more so that managers are prepared to engage with their people and handle even the most difficult of coaching scenarios with confidence


"Our managers are expected to make sure our sales reps are adopting and using the skills, tools and concept they are learning from RED BEAR and really, any training…we are investing money in training our sales organization and we expect the managers to reinforce that the sales reps are executing the concepts they have learned..”

Tom Glover- Senior Director of Sales Operations