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Negotiation Superpowers

How do you develop someone into a great negotiator? Great content and stand-alone training events just don’t cut it. The smarter way to develop people into great negotiators is to change negotiation behavior. When you follow a process that not only develops new skills, but reinforces those skills and holds people accountable for using them, you get lasting results

Our Process.

While many of our clients share similar negotiation challenges, we know that each client we work with is also unique. Our model and the way we work with you reflects this. We carry out each project in constant dialogue with you, starting with our design conference. This is where we do upfront research to understand YOU and YOUR unique set of needs. We then use these insights to design (Blue Printing) and plan the content that will be used during skill development where people participate in engaging development experiences (delivery). Finally, we conclude each engagement with reinforcement and impact measurement (tracking) to make sure behavior change has occurred and results have been achieved.

This is where, through a design conference, we work with you to identify and agree on the goals for the project, determine who the audience is, research your organization, create customized content, and determine how we will deploy the initiative. 






Here’s where the rubber hits the road. We work with 8-24 people at a time, typically over 2 days. During these 2 days, participants learn, practice, and apply newly learned negotiation skills through a series of 8 different negotiations. By the time they are done, they’ve built the confidence and competence to apply their new skills to real-world negotiations.  

This is what we like to call “Retention Superglue”. During this phase, we begin by working with your managers who participate in our half-day “Coaching & Reinforcement Workshop™” (CRW). The CRW provides managers with the skills, tools, and practical “know-how” they need to coach effective negotiating back on the job. We then drive application through our “100 minutes™” video-based reinforcement and application platform that promotes real-world application by learners and active coaching by managers.

At the end of the day it’s about results and we believe what gets measured, gets improved. Here’s where we measure results by tracking and measuring how your people are applying what they’ve learned to actual negotiations (typically 3-6 months AFTER we work with your people) and examining what impact the use of their newly acquired skills has had on key metrics.

Our Learning Approach.

Effective negotiating is counter intuitive.
What most people think makes for an effective negotiation approach is usually the exact OPPOSITE of what really works.

We don’t just put people in a room, bombard them with PowerPoint presentations and lofty theory. People learn best by seeing, internalizing, and practicing what they are learning. This is especially true for negotiating and is why we use a discovery-based, experiential learning approach to develop the negotiation skills of your people. So what does this really mean???

Simply put, people learn by doing. We develop your people into great negotiators by putting them into familiar (and sometimes unfamiliar) negotiation situations, letting them do what comes naturally and then allowing them to discover what worked and didn’t. We then introduce them to RED BEAR’s negotiation approach, let them try it out, and see for themselves why our approach works.

Our Training Offerings.

Sell on value, not price. Negotiate better, more profitable agreements with your customers while increasing deal sizes, reducing discounts, and shortening sales cycle times.


Build better agreements with your suppliers based on outcomes and results, not cost. Improve supplier performance in areas such as lead time reduction and OTTR. Eliminate or minimize capacity constraints/ensure availability of supply, realize balanced spend across suppliers, and realize higher cost savings and working capital.


Gain an increased awareness for the role that culture plays in negotiating. Understand the differences between cultures and the influence this has on how to effectively plan for, communicate during, and execute cross-cultural negotiations.


Improve sales team communication, ensure greater role clarity, and create better coordination and alignment around “who is responsible for what” when it comes to selling and servicing your customers. Create accountability for action plans and outcomes from team members.


How do you ensure that your investment with RED BEAR Negotiation has a lasting impact? You use reinforcement to coach, nurture, and motivate people to use their newly learned skills back on the job. When you keep training right in front of them, people remember what they learned and apply it. Your investment gets results.


Provide your team with new, more constructive approaches to handling the toughest issues they face every day so they can foster creative, innovative, and profitable business solutions for your company.


Improve working relationships and cross-functional performance through better negotiating and collaboration within your organization.


Make an impact at your next company or team meeting with a memorable, high-energy, half-day workshop that builds awareness and provides practical approaches for negotiating with customers, suppliers and internal stakeholders.


Looking for something else?

You’ve come to the right place. Our team would be happy to design and build a custom solution that address your company’s unique needs.