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Avoid common mistakes to improve your negotiation results

Our research reveals the difficult challenges sales professionals face when they set out to negotiate profitable agreements for their companies. It also suggests that they often make costly negotiating mistakes along the way. These findings reinforce the fact that high performing sales professionals often make "right turns" in their negotiation when others make "wrong turns".


As part of its work with major global corporations, RED BEAR conducted ongoing research with the goal of learning the answers to two important questions:

  • What challenges do sales professionals face that keep them from negotiating more profitable agreements?
  • What negotiation mistakes or 'wrong turns' do they make when they negotiate on behalf of their companies?

This report summarizes the findings from this research, highlighting the most significant challenges faced and 'wrong turns' made by sales professionals across many industries. Its findings also suggest the 'right turns' they need to make to build value through more effective sales negotiation...and what an organization needs to do to get its sales professionals to make those 'right turns' more often.

Read our case studies:

Chemicals Industry Case Study

As one of the world’s leading global materials manufacturers, this client’s strategic goal was to maintain and grow profitability in the face of rising raw material costs, demanding customers, and constant competitive threats to profitable business – at the same time it needed to ask customers to accept price increases.

Chemicals Industry Case Study

Food & Agriculture Case Study

One of the top five privately held corporations in North America, this company faced an increasingly competitive and commoditized marketplace. Challenged to produce consistent and incremental profitability in its sales operations, management approached RED BEAR Negotiation to help increase overall business performance by closing more new business, improving account retention, and expanding the entire scope of services delivered to existing and prospective accounts—while increasing account profit margins.

Food & Agriculture Industry Case Study

Industrial Manufacturing Case Study

RED BEAR Negotiation was approached by a major player in the packaging and container industry to help build market share and profitability in the face of continuing pressures of declining prices, competition, and commoditization. The goal was to attain better results by enabling the sales organization to revisit price pressure and change the sales dialogue from price and commoditization to value and solutions in order to:

  • Capture greater share of wallet, and
  • Achieve critical revenue and profitability goals and meet Wall Street expectations
Industrial Manufacturing Industry Case Study

Computer Software Case Study

RED BEAR was approached by a global leader in collaborative software facing flat sales performance and stagnant earnings growth. New sales leadership was determined to shift its distribution focus—both direct sales and reseller partners—from selling transactional point products to building strategic relationships characterized by enterprise-wide product and service solutions. Dramatic changes were needed to attain the goals of:

  • More strategic customer relationships (and more million-dollar deals).
  • Improved close ratios and revenue predictability.
  • Greater overall sales force productivity.
Computer Software Industry Case Study

Energy & Chemicals Case Study

This Fortune 1000 company with its unique mix of chemical business lines believed it could produce superior sales results through disciplined execution of the right strategies and activities. They asked RED BEAR Negotiation to help them achieve incremental profitability and sales growth by instilling a new sales execution discipline that would help them capture new opportunities and increase performance against competitors.

Energy & Chemicals Industry Case Study

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