Concession Planning Worksheet

RED BEAR Concession Planning Worksheet

Plan your concession strategy to improve your negotiation results

One of the biggest mistakes we encounter is the lack of effective concession planning. Every negotiation consists of one or many concessions. How and what you concede can ultimately make or break your deal. Use this Concession Planning Worksheet to ensure a highly effective negotiation.


RED BEAR Negotiation's Concession Planning Worksheet will help you prepare your concession strategy in advance of your next negotiation. Use this tool to develop three benchmarks for crafting your concession strategy.

  • Your most favorable deal.
  • The worst-case deal. That’s your lower limit or walkway.
  • And, your opening offer.

Use these benchmarks to prioritize both what you will be asking for, and what you will be willing to give in order to get the most favorable deal. Rank these concessions by value, evaluating the cost to you or your opponent versus the value to you or your opponent.

The Concession Planning Worksheet also includes a handy reference of the 5 Concession Patterns as well as our 5 Concession Guidelines.

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