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navigating the competitive dimension of negotiation

Navigating The Competitive Dimension of Negotiation

Most negotiation analogies involve some kind of sport or strategic game, such as boxing, poker, chess, basketball — you name it. This is because most people see negotiation as an inherently competitive activity. It’s one negotiator competing with the other for the better deal and more favorable outcome — simple, right? Actually, no. As we’ve…

negotiation tactics magic tricks

Lessons from Magic Tricks to Beat Tricky Negotiation Tactics

Humans have been fascinated with magic for a long time, and the psychology of it is pretty interesting. On one hand, we love magic tricks because they’re a drastic departure from what we thought was going to happen, but on the other hand, we don’t like being fooled. Or better yet, we don’t want to…

framing a negotiation

The Art Of Framing In Successful Negotiation

“Art consists of limitation. The most beautiful part of every picture is the frame.” – G. K. Chesterton   “If a problem can’t be solved within the frame it was conceived, the solution lies in reframing the problem.” – Brian McGreevy   A skilled negotiator is a visual artist, much like a painter or photographer.…


6 Ways to Master Effective Demand Statements Like a Pro

Demand statements are powerful strings of dialogue that can either cut like a well-maintained samurai sword or a dull razor depending on your execution. In order to take your negotiations to the next level, you’ll need to find out how to personally keep your demand statements sharp and effective, rather than brute and sloppy. The…

needs vs wants

How To Satisfy Needs Over Wants For Negotiation Success

We’ve chatted a fair bit about the ins and outs of negotiation skills on the RED BEAR blog, but let’s quickly take a lesson from a different industry. There’s a common understanding in the world of User Experience (UX) that people can’t be trusted to tell you what they want. For instance, if you ask…

negotiation tension

Tension: Creating Positivity and Creativity from Discomfort

You’ve likely heard that pressure makes diamonds, and in much the same way, tension makes creative solutions.  The best negotiators are able to masterfully utilize various skills in their toolbox to lead negotiations and get more of what they want. RED BEAR’s 3-D Negotiation Model postulates that there are three different negotiation dimensions that lead…

sources of power in a negotiation

The 6 Sources Of Power In Any Negotiation

Power can mean very different things to different people. To a dictator, for instance, it means having absolute control over the lives of their people; to a musician, it’s commanding the emotions of their audience. One thing that all types of power have in common, however, is influence. That’s why every negotiation is, at its…

position your case advantageously in negotiations

How To Position Your Case For Negotiation Success

When you enter into any kind of negotiation – be it a sales negotiation, a salary discussion, or even asking someone out on a date – how easy it is to get what you want depends on what the other party thinks of your offer. If they don’t think it’s worth much, you’ll have very…

2 Common Mistakes When Sharing Information in Negotiations

Stop Making These 2 Common Mistakes When Sharing Information in Negotiations

Everyone wants to make a good impression. In some instances, we go as far as to put on a carefully curated positive version of themselves.  Think of your online dating profile (if you don’t have one, use your imagination.) You choose the most impressive things to share, and you share with an intention. You share…