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Fail to prepare... Prepare to fail

4 Costly Sales Negotiation Mistakes, 1 Simple Tool

Hopefully, you’re not guilty of the negotiation mistakes mentioned in this blog. But, chances are good that you’ve probably committed a few of these errors before, if not regularly. It’s okay, you’re not alone. In fact, most sales professionals typically are unaware of their mistakes. For instance, if I were to ask you to share…

negotiation principles cartoon

Principles of Negotiation Used by Expert Negotiators

If you’re wondering, “How do I improve my negotiation skills?”; this article will introduce the six principles of negotiation and outline the negotiation skills experts use to maximize the value of agreements. To the untrained eye, it can be difficult to pinpoint what separates an expert negotiator from an average one outside of the obvious…

internal negotiations

Are You Frustrated with Internal Negotiations? Read This

Sometimes internal negotiations can feel like herding cats.  Tom from procurement wants a lower price. Tim from IT needs a longer timeline. Bob the project manager wants strict adherence to the schedule. Greg from HR wants full and complete compliance. Derek from finance needs the SOW. Henry from operations wants clear procedures. And you, the…

cross cultural negotiation

3 Steps To Succeed In Cross-Cultural Negotiation

Modern technology has made it easier than ever before to communicate with people on the other side of the planet. And in addition to the social benefits of being able to engage with other cultures and perspectives, this also means American businesses are increasingly able to enter international markets. Take the Chinese market, for instance.…

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash "Questions in a Negotiation"

Asking The Right Questions In A Negotiation

Every negotiation is an exercise in excavation. When you initially sit down with the other party, you have a mental picture of their case and organization. But over the course of your interaction with them, you gather as much information as possible to better inform your strategy and ensure the best possible outcome. This means…

collaborative negotiation

The Collaborative Dimension of Effective Negotiation

There’s an old Aesop tale that tells the story of the wind and the sun arguing about which was more powerful. Seeing a traveling man walking down the road, they saw a chance to settle their debate once and for all. Whoever could get the traveler to remove his coat would unarguably be the most…

negotiation concession patterns

The 5 Concession Patterns: Learning to Give Just the Right Amount

Concessions are an inevitable part of every negotiation. However, moving a negotiation to a satisfactory close is almost always going to require a series of concessions.  Ultimately, your ability to make concessions will determine if all of your hard work during the negotiation will get you the result you need. However, knowing when to concede…

creative contention for team member engagement

The Secret To Keeping Team Members Engaged

There’s little worse than stepping into a team meeting that’s dull, uninspired, and unproductive. No one really wants to be there, few – if any – new ideas are being put forward, and the final outcome will most likely be the easiest way forward, regardless of quality. If you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, it’s often…

five negotiation behaviors

The 5 Types Of Negotiation Behavior

To succeed in any negotiation environment, a negotiator needs to be able to adjust their approach according to the situation. Much like a soldier on the battlefield doesn’t use a single type of weapon for every combat situation, the best negotiators have an arsenal of distinct negotiation behaviors that serve specific purposes depending on the…