RED BEAR Negotiation Company’s proven process includes:

Blue Printing:

The customer success journey begins with a blueprint. Project planning occurs to ensure the negotiation behavior change initiative focuses on your critical issues, and has the requisite executive and managerial commitment and support. Data gathering events identify your key measures of success, typical challenges faced by your negotiators, strengths of the team, the most common “wrong turns/mistakes” they make (and their consequences), as well as the important negotiation situations that must be addressed in training.

Skill Development:

Your participants are placed in highly interactive experiences so they can discover and learn key negotiation skills, and then practice the skills to develop the competence and confidence to use them immediately in real-world situations. Our discovery based learning approach features a combination of challenging metaphorical simulations, highly tailored exercises. and a set of planning tools which are then applied to actual situations. Participants leave the workshop with detailed negotiation plans, and are able to apply the principles, models and behaviors/skills immediately to their negotiations. Reinforcement/Coaching/Application: RED BEAR Negotiation Company works with you to design and deploy a comprehensive reinforcement, coaching, and application strategy, essential to ensuring that new negotiation strategies and behaviors are utilized back on the job.

Blended Delivery + Systematic Reinforcement = Success:

A system designed to improve your purchasing team’s performance—and planning habits—without sacrificing precious time away from their job training. Based on the proven methodologies, this turnkey Web 2.0 capability gives your team online access to valuable content and application insights in seven “bite-sized” modules that each take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. The elegant, email based framework is designed for busy leadership and mentors to greatly improve their coaching skills—and results—in less than 15 minutes per week.

Curriculum Next Steps:

A highly tailored advanced skill development and application program that usually takes place 6-12 months after the initial program. Next Step Curriculums feature detailed case studies, real world simulations, and practice exercises, all focused on helping your key personal negotiate important agreements in complex situations.

Results Tracking:

A process to track immediate results, pre- and post-program behavior change, real world application, and bottom line results to truly measure ROI.

Bottom-line Impact

RED BEAR Negotiation Company partners with clients helping their supply chain, operations, legal, business development, project management, and manufacturing teams reach more profitable agreements for their companies. Because negotiated cost reductions drop immediately to the bottom-line, payback time on client investments is rapid, and projects typically end up as “zero-cost” initiatives.

Not surprisingly, client ROI on RED BEAR initiatives is high. Projects have demonstrated quantified return on investments (based on both internal and third-party results tracking studies).

Case Study

Improving quality, speed, and efficiency of business development negotiations for a global medical diagnostics equipment and reagents company

Case Study

Reducing supplier costs, improving productivity in the supply chain for a global industrial automation and industrial controls company

RED BEAR Negotiation Company has successfully implemented its global solutions in multiple industries, including:  Technology, Industrial  Control, Manufacturing, Health Care/Pharmaceuticals, Resources/Oil & Gas, Transportation, and Business Services.