Industrial Manufacturing



Industrial Manufacturing


  • Sales Negotiating Training
  • Delivered throughout North America

The Situation

RED BEAR Negotiation was approached by a major player in the packaging and container industry to help build market share and profitability in the face of continuing pressures of declining prices, competition, and commoditization. The goal was to attain better results by enabling the sales organization to revisit price pressure and change the sales dialogue from price and commoditization to value and solutions in order to:

  • Capture greater share of wallet, and
  • Achieve critical revenue and profitability goals and meet Wall Street expectations

The Challenge

The client sought our help implementing its strategy to address these key challenges:

  • Increasingly savvy customer negotiators with a strong determination to cut costs.
  • Integrated supply and group purchasing organizations flexing their combined muscle to consolidate buying opportunities and force price concessions.
  • Competitive landscape changes (such as superstores and e-commerce) that were commoditizing product solutions.

RED BEAR’s work with this client resulted in a ROI of 46.7 to 1 – in addition to a future anticipated revenue increase of $104.5 million.

“Extremely relevant. Best workshop that I’ve ever participated in that relates to our industry.” – District Sales Manager