Business Services

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Business Services


  • Sales Negotiation Training
  • Delivered throughout North America

The Situation

Despite holding the leading position in the market and having a strong reputation for quality and reliability,our client was experiencing slowed growth, reduced profits, and client losses. This Fortune 1000 company launched a new strategy to reinforce its global leadership position in Food Services; accelerate growth in the Facilities Management Services sector; and become the global leader in Service Vouchers and Cards. RED BEAR was asked to help change the way this company sold and marketed to its customers and build a new sales discipline in order to:

  • Double revenue growth within 11 years with an annual revenue growth of 7%.
  • Accelerate profitable organic growth through new client acquisitions, improved client retention, and increased sales to existing client sites.
  • Improve operating profits and cash flow.

The Challenge

Our client sought our help implementing its strategy to address these key challenges faced by the sales team:

  • Buyers reluctance to change Facilities Management Service providers.
  • Increased competition for the business from lower-priced competitors.
  • Significant price pressure resulting in margin erosion.
  • Decreased spending by customers in certain segments.
  • Customer pressure to get more product and service for less money.

As a result of integrating RED BEAR’s methodology into their overall “deal management” architecture, our client generated a ROI of 325-to-1 and a net financial gain of $122 million.

“The RED BEAR program had broad applicability and helped improve the results of very junior to very senior sales professionals…it drove a core set of principles, behaviors, tools, and techniques…participants were able to quickly gauge their own unique strengths and weaknesses and focus their energies on their own personal opportunities for improvement.” – Senior Sales Manager